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We recently had a fun post about Hollywood accounting, about how the movie industry makes sure even big hit movies "lose money" on paper. Well, they're pretty famous for doing something quite similar.

Reader Jay pointed out in the comments an article from The Root that goes through who gets paid what for music sales, and the basic answer is not the musician.

That report suggests that for every ,000 sold, the average musician gets .40.

Here's the chart that the article shows, though you should read the whole article for all of the details: Of course, it's actually even more ridiculous than this report makes it out to be. They pay 0,000 to their manager for 20 percent commission.

Going back ten years ago, Courtney Love famously laid out the details of recording economics, where the label can make million... It starts off with a band getting a massive million advance, and then you follow the money: What happens to that million dollars? They pay ,000 each to their lawyer and business manager. That's ,000 to live on for a year until the record gets released.

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