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They parasitically attach to a giving, supportive person who avoids center stage and thrives on taking care of others.Expecting something from an abusive narcissist who has nothing to give can make a codependent feel crazy.Trying to pretend that the narcissist is someone he or she is not can drive you wild. Codependents are people who have spent years negotiating with reality concerning particular people from their past and present.

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You may be feeling crazy because you love a narcissist and are afraid to leave the abusive relationship.

It will be easier to help yourself leave the more you know about codependency and narcissistic personality disorder.

Abusive narcissists require someone who is willing to cater to their needs and to give up their own desires.

Narcissists are self-destructive people with concealed low self-esteem and insatiable needs for attention and nothing to give.

These families may appear to be perfect to neighbors, but there is a great deal of pain and secrecy behind closed doors.

Children learn early to not express their thoughts or feelings and to ignore family behavioral problems.

This family survival response effectively raises the child’s tolerance for emotionally abusive and inappropriate behavior in others.

The development of codependence has its roots in dysfunctional family systems and occurs over a fairly long period of time.

Overly rigid, dogmatic, or authoritarian types of families where there may or may not be alcohol abuse or dependence appears to produce codependency.

These families tend to emphasize discipline and control where rewards are given for compliance with strict and often illogical rules.

Children learn that any positive feelings about self are dependant on the mood of someone else.

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