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William Peter Moseley was born on April 27, 1987, in Gloucester, England, to Juliette (Fleming) and Peter Moseley, a cinematographer. He hopes he won't end up type-cast as Peter and to go on to carve a successful, well-rounded career in acting and directing in the future.

Casting director Pippa Hall was responsible for casting William as an extra when she was filling roles for Cider with Rosie (1998) back in 1998. We just tried to relish each moment that we have together as a family and as individuals. I don't think it really struck me when I first got the part what it was like.

The experience we've been given is, without question, the greatest experience of our life. I'm fortunate, I'm lucky that it hasn't hit me yet.

The weird thing is when you see yourself, as you're driving by, on a poster or you see yourself on a washing up box or something - it's so bizarre.

It's just momentary, it's only within those brief few seconds when you see it then you move on with your day. - When asked about his relationship with Anna Popplewell. It was definitely scary; it really made me have a lot of respect for Sergio.

I have a very good family, very good friends and I'm lucky that everyone has been so supportive and kind to me. There is a fine line as you've probably seen and we didn't overstep that mark. To put it simply, when Peter steps through the wardrobe, he's a boy.

I can only hope there'll be a sequel made just because I had such an amazing time on this one. When Peter steps back out of the wardrobe, as the story finishes, he's a man. Andrew called 'Cut' and he's like, 'That was great.' Andrew asked me, 'Would you want more of those?

It was beyond every experience imaginable, it was basically a dream come true. And, for me, I think I also became a man throughout the making of this film. Like Peter, I strive a lot of the time for what's right, what's just.

For that dream to come true a second time would be quite amazing. I think that's the reason each of the kids was cast for these parts - we're so like the characters we play.

(Narnia production notes) Narnia has opened my eyes to a lot of things.

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