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A KRISTÁLY IMPERIAL HOTEL **** AZ “ORSZÁG LEGRÉGEBBEN MŰKÖDŐ SZÁLLODÁJA” A Tata központjában álló, megújult műemlék épület Magyarország legrégebben működő szállodájaként fogadja a hazai és külföldi Vendégeket, ma is ugyanazzal az eleganciával és nyugalommal, amivel az Esterházyak idején.

In fact, they’re celebrating the look with this new t-shirt, which they hope allows the wearer to enjoy the ‘idiocy’ of summer time.

▼ Say hello to the “soaked-through school swimsuit t-shirt“ As its name implies, this t-shirt is designed to make the wearer look like they have slipped a plain white t-shirt over the kind of dark-blue swimsuit anime fans and men with a penchant for hentai games will almost definitely be familiar with.

It’s a completely ridiculous concept, and we’re not entirely sure who would to look like their t-shirt is soaked through like this, but at the same time we have to admit it looks pretty realistic, and wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about sweating through your t-shirt before you’ve even reached the station? If you’d rather not give the impression that you’re slippery to the touch, but still want to raise a few eyebrows this summer, Village Vanguard’s second titillating t-shirt is just the thing.

Japan’s hot and sticky summer days may mean that people are wearing slightly less than usual, but unless you’re some kind of magma demon impervious to the 34-degree heat we’ve been having recently, it also means you’ll be throwing sweat-soaked t-shirts and underwear into the washing machine with depressing frequency, making every other day laundry day.

Fortunately, book and cutesy crap emporium Village Vanguard has a couple of new t-shirts that are perfect for summer – and one of them already looks drenched before you even put it on!

Quite honestly, I don’t need any help making my t-shirts look soaked through during the summer months.

As a pasty-white Brit, I belong in this climate about as much as an electric heater with a frayed power cable at a pool party, and even the two-minute stroll to my local convenience store has we wanting to towel myself off afterwards.

With the “transparent bra men’s t-shirt“, you’ll be able to thrill and confuse pubescent boys by making them think you’re rocking boob support beneath your shirt.

▼ Any men out there with moobs of above-average size, however, may wish to give this one a miss ▼ The front is a little more modest, with just a small bra logo stitched into it Both designs retail for 2,808 yen (US) each and are exclusive to Village Vanguard’s online store.

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