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[ At the Game: Cheers and applause ] Announcer : Basket by Nathan Scott! He's already got 14 of the Ravens' 17 points tonight.

Peyton is driving and not paying attention to the road] Boy : you, tell me we didn 't just steal a school bus, 'cause this feels like we just stole a school bus.

SCENE 2: [ Nathan and the team are in a school bus with Nathan driving.

[Dan starts an argument with the Whitey] Dan : So, you just walk away.

Mouth: And as a special bonus, we're joined in the booth by Junk Moreti.

Junk : Jeez, Edwards, but you can't remember to run a bar of soap under your pits?

All right, let's get out there and act like we've played the game before.

[The scene switches back and forth between the park and the Gym] Announcer: And the hawks pull within one.

Annoncer : Under 20 seconds to go, and it's all tied up.

Jimmy : He is currently playing without a shoe contract, Mouth.

Mouth : For those of you at home, Lucas wears his black shorts tonight with his traditional white high-tops.

They're gonna hold on 10 seconds remaining on the clock.

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