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His dream celebrity dates would be Mischa Barton and Abbie Clancey.Dale is a super confident 21 year-old from Liverpool.

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Dale's first love is now music and loves to DJ in his spare time.

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Dale is described by his friends and family as friendly, funny but mostly arrogant, bigheaded and over confident.

Dale is currently studying to be a PE teacher although deep down he dreams of being a pro-footballer.

In his youth he had trials with Manchester United and Wigan Athletic but didn't get through, which he now regrets.

He likes to keep his body in good shape by daily visits to the gym and playing football for his university.

To Dale winning Big Brother means everything "f*** taking part, no one remembers the losers".

He says that djing is the second thing in the world that makes him happy - after money of course!

A party animal, Dale loves to go clubbing at the weekend in Liverpool with his mates.

Dale loves "fit" girls and has a thing about women with funny noses!

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