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Soap operas such as Friends and Alley Mc Beal and teen magazines are corrupting our brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, some Muslim parents give the green light for these activities in the name of “modernization”.

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Square dancing includes activities such as swinging, in which the boy and the girl are close together and touching in inappropriate and immodest ways, prohibited by our Deen. Our fellow classmates engage in such activities, most of the time allowed by their own parents, that are Islamically detested.

Students who do not wish to participate risk a failing grade. In such an environment where most adults are giving the green light for these activities, we Muslim teenagers can’t help becoming confused.

The media also causes clashes between Islam and our surroundings. Sadly Muslim teens are being corrupted into conforming to non-Muslim ways.

The media portrays the teen in a world where not only boyfriend-girlfriend relations are permissible, but also pre-marital sex (usually not showing sad effects such as teen pregnancy which can lead to dropping out of high school). We as Muslim teenagers should try to teach our Muslim friends not to blindly imitate those around us.

Swimming requires students to wear bathing suits, which forces our Muslim sisters to dress in an immodest way.

In my high school, during physical education classes, students are required to participate in activities that include swimming and square dancing.

Some factors come from the American educational system.

They live in two worlds: one of Islam and one of their un-Islamic, or at least non-Muslim surroundings. It can be difficult to maintain an Islamic identity as a teenager in America because of many surrounding factors that prevent us from practicing our Deen.

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