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) so we went for Mercy and after viewing the hospital I'm really glad we did, as I've visited lots of girlfriends in SJOG and I just felt Mercy had a much nicer feel.If you go public it will depend where you live as to which hospital you can choose.I delivered my 1st at Swan District as I didnt meet the waiting period for private.

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I'm with HBF so they said they cover everything once you are admitted.

But I've heard going public is just as good also and often the same OB anyway.

Need to call them I guess so I can see the difference in costs.

Does it matter where you live as to which public hospital you can use? Also has anyone used the birthing centre at king Edward?

I like the idea of not going to hospital to give birth but having it right there if complications arise.

I was choosing between SJOG Subi and Mercy, went with Mercy because their C-section rates are much lower.

SJOG are known for pushing mothers into C-sections to fit in with their golfing days =) Dr Bruce Thyer is my obgyn and he's great. I would have gone to SJOG Subi as it's closer to my house but DH's ex is a midwife there (can you imagine!!

Mercy :) It's private but has a MUCH lower C-section rate compared to the top 2 in WA (Murdoch and Subiaco).

Unfortunately SJOG have just bought out Mercy so not sure how that move will impact C-section rates at Mercy in the future.

I was under Charles Armstrong's care and he was great - unfortunately he was on holiday when I delivered and came back the next day (d'oh! There are a lot of wonderful OBs who work out of Mercy - other girls will comment I'm sure.

As for public, I have heard great reports from both Armadale and King Edwards. :) xxx I also delivered at Mercy - it was like staying at a hotel - we got really good care.

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