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You know, your name […] Read more Shortly after my friend Mary got engaged, she discovered her fiancé had fibbed about his age.

Here are a few of our favourite date ideas for couples who love music. Music always sounds better when you’re under the stars. There are plenty of free performances to enjoy, like Music in the Plaza, located in Calgary’s Heritage Town Square. There’s a […] Read more What happens when you meet someone you think is HOT, but they don’t stimulate you intellectually? Which is more important – intellectual or physical attraction when you’re dating? It depends on what the individual is looking for and what their values are. But when she […] Read more Planning to entertain as a couple this summer but need a few fresh ideas?

In the ideal […] Read more If you’re not afraid of making a fool of yourself in front of a cute stranger, here are a few warm-weather-appropriate pickup lines to try this summer. Here are some summer dinner party themes sure to be a hit with your friends.

“His date of birth showed that he was five years older than he told me he was.” Naturally, Mary was upset to discover his secret.

“I was cleaning my apartment, and found his passport,” she recalls.

Actually, atonement always was accompanied by sincere prayer, teshuva (spiritual return), and charity.

Hoshea () decries people bringing offerings without making an attempt to get closer to God. Animal offerings aided the atonement process, as they drove home the point that really the person deserved to be slaughtered, but an animal was being used in his/her place.

The offering also helped atonement in many mystical ways.

I remember going on my first date (after getting back in the singles pool) and getting stood up. Another guy that stood me up kept messaging me to make […] Read more Did he have you at “bouillabaisse”? Or maybe you read a book like “The Rules” that convinced you to never call a guy first, accept a date at the last minute, or offer to pay for coffee. At first blush, playing hard-to-get […] Read more The couple who sweats together stays together.

Here are some fun date ideas for couples who love their food. Buy an ingredient (or two) you’ve never worked with — fiddleheads? Here are our favourite summer date ideas for sporty couples.

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