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Will it look bad if I change the grounds for divorce?Cat's Question: My lawyer and I filed for divorce on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment, and then filed a verified complaint with the court listing the reasons.

You can review the divorce statutes in your state to learn about the specific allowable grounds for divorce that may used when filing for a divorce.

You can also read the following answers to our visitor's questions concerning the various grounds for divorce.

He doesn't have any grounds for divorce except that he's not happy.

Rhonda's Question: I am married and live in California. He does not have any grounds for divorce except that he is not happy. Brette's Answer: California is a no fault state, so your husband needs no grounds or reason.

The divorce grounds cited in a divorce petition establish the reason a person is filing for the divorce.

All states now recognize no-fault grounds for divorce, often called irreconcilable difference, designating that the marriage is irretrievably broken down and neither spouse is at fault.

Many states also allow fault-grounds to be cited as the reason for divorce, meaning that some type of marital misconduct led to the breakdown of the marriage.

Fault grounds differ from state to state, but commonly include adultery, domestic violence, abandonment, substance abuse or alcoholism, imprisonment, and mental disability or illness.

My lawyer seems to think it's normal to change grounds, but I am not convinced.

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