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The research sheds light on one of the most important periods of Egyptian history documenting the various rulers of Egypt’s Old, Middle and New Kingdoms.

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She has connected me with community resources that I might not have otherwise considered, and has provided simple, effective strategies for me to be more engaged in meeting my own relationship goals (romantic and otherwise).

I often need the extra push to motivate myself to grow my own boundaries — Regina has been instrumental in keeping me honest and on track.” Doyle M (male, mid 70s) “Regina helped me find focus and clarity in a time of emotional turmoil.

Each time I met with Regina I could tell that she had spent time thinking about what would be helpful for me and how she could cater to my specific needs.

If you are feeling depressed and obsessed, this is likely a sign that you are exhibiting the beautiful, precious human tendency to strongly attach to someone you love.

In fact, your brain responds to a breakup the way it does to craving cocaine*. Career pressure, marriage, mass media, and the desire and ability to spend your youth browsing through endless partners are much more recent inventions.

Match our social brain with contemporary social pressures and we have the perfect storm resulting in repeated rejection, apathy, and insecurity.There are many better ways out of the endless cycle of regret and rejection, and I would like to share mine.I appreciated her attentiveness and care when I was in such a sensitive place.” Jenya L (female, late 20s) “Regina was wonderful!Her comfortable and personalized approach made me feel like I was opening up to a close friend over coffee, but without bringing her own judgments and opinions.An international research team based in Oxford, including Dr Tom Higham (pictured), Research Associate in Archaeology at Keble, has mapped out an accurate chronology of the kings of ancient Egypt using radiocarbon analysis of short-lived plant remains from the region.The research has just been published in the prestigous journal (18 June, 2010).

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