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Building (previously Hamburger's Department Store) located on the corner of Eighth and Hill streets.

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159 (Click HERE to see California Historical Landmarks in LA).(ca.

1920)* - Exterior view of Hamburger's ornately decorated department store located on the corner of Hill and Eighth streets. by David May in 1923 and renamed the May Company.* A.

Awnings cover the display windows on one side and cars are parked end to end at the curb. Rosenheim and opened in 1908, this Beaux Arts building was enlarged by Aleck Curlett in 1929 to accommodate more merchandise. Hamburger and Sons was one of the first department stores to operate in Los Angeles. Hamburger & Son's People's Store, the name later changed to Hamburger's Store.

In 1908 the company relocated their store from Spring Street to a new building located at Broadway and Eighth Street.^^#(1933)* - View of the May Co.

1920)* - The Pico House, sometimes called "Old Pico House", built by Pio Pico in 1869-70.

For a period in the 1920's it became the "National Hotel" and here we see a corner view of the building at the corner of N.

Main & Plaza St., with a sign for "Plaza Employment Agency" on the right side of the building.

A crowd of people are hanging around the corner, and a row of cars is parked up the left side, while 3 or 4 cars are seen on the right side. The first three-story hotel built in Los Angeles, it had about eighty rooms, large windows, a grand staircase, and a small interior courtyard.^* The Pico House (Hotel) was designated as California Historical Landmark No.

Department Store Building was designated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. The Bank of Italy was founded in San Francisco, in 1904 by Amadeo Giannini.

459 (Click HERE for complete listing).(1921)* - The northwest corner of Olive and 7th Streets on December 28, 1921. In this photo it is Hotel Ford, with a dentist's office above. It grew by a branch banking strategy to become the Bank of America, the world's largest commercial bank with 493 branches in California and assets of billion in 1945.

It was also the first state-wide branch banking system.

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