Dating in west palm beach

There are lots of really great groups that offer fab events in other counties if you're interested, and they offer some fabulous travel opportunities for you as well. Please be gracious and change your RSVP if you cannot attend. 15 Awesome Mixers | 9 Photos JOIN GENE SIEGEL FOR ART AFTER DARK AT THE NORTON - FREE ADMISSION! COME EARLY - COME LATE - JUST JOIN THE GROUP FOR THIS EVENING OF...

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********This is what we are: We are a very active, friendly group of Professionals in Pam Beach Country from ages 30 to 59 years old.

We are people just like you, who find it's tough to meet & make meaningful friends in Palm Beach County, and we're trying to change that!

We welcome both singles & couples since this is not a dating group, and we're all just here to have a relaxed good time.

We find that a group of 20 people is way more inviting than a group of 200, and *most* of us are past our wild drinking party days.

Participation in a dual enrollment program (DEP) is a common choice for many high school students, and for a good reason.

A national study showed that the college completion rate for dual enrollment students was 66 percent compared to 54 percent for students without dual enrollment experience (National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, 2013).While most of the dual enrollment studies include courses taken on a college campus or via online education, at Berean Christian School several DEP courses are taught by college faculty right on the BCS campus. Olga Dietlin, associate professor of counseling at Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) will teach General Psychology, Lifespan Development and a newly added class, Marriage & Family Dynamics.We’ll work hard to get to know you by name, and many of our events will have name tags to help you feel comfortable when you join us.Many of us have just moved here and don’t know anyone. We're all just friends that you didn't know you had yet!Some have been here for years, but work too many hours to meet new people, or our friends have moved away, etc. If so, this is a fun, friendly, casual group that welcomes new comers, & has a great core of regulars! ********Here is what we are not: This group does not strive to be “the biggest,” the “best,” or "the most active," or to have “the most events” or “the biggest parties." We're about the friends, not the competition. All we ask is that you keep your word, and show up when you say you will.We do not plan events to cover all of South Florida; we stay focused on Palm Beach County so we can meet local friends in our own neighborhoods. Please be gracious and respectful to our hard-working organizers.

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