Dating laws in dubai

Dress codes are enforced by legal authorities and dressing in a "provocative manner" generally attracts other unwanted attention.

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Of course there'd be no tourism industry at all if there weren't slightly different rules in the confines of the western hotels, but even there, don't go overboard!

Bearing all of this in mind, it should come as no surprise that as in many other Middle Eastern countries you should dress conservatively and that there are laws governing this.

Public nudity, topless, nude sunbathing and quite obviously, sex on the beach are all illegal as some travellers found out fairly recently.

For starters, like many Middle Eastern countries the UAE has the death penalty for serious crimes such as murder, rape, and treason.

Drug trafficking also attracts the death penalty; refer to the section on drugs for more information.

Common law relationships, homosexuality, cross-dressing, adultery, and all of these are subject to severe punishment including imprisonment and deportation, and for Muslim travellers, a high probability of corporal punishment as well.

Just to be clear, yes, sex between unmarried couples is considered illegal in the UAE.

Part of it is cultural, and property and violent crimes are generally speaking frowned upon, and part of it is that a lot of things are illegal in the UAE and those laws tend to be strictly and quite swiftly enforced.

Be very aware that laws are different in the UAE and many things you may consider to be harmless or perfectly legal are most definitely illegal in the UAE.

The laws do differ a little in the different countries of the UAE, but many of the broad outlines remain the same.

Many of the laws in the UAE are based on Sharia law and you should keep that in mind at all times.

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