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The easiest way I’ve found to implement time restrictions is using a plug-in module called Linux-PAM.Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) is a mechanism for authenticating users.Specifically, we’re going to use the module, we can set access restrictions to a system and/or specific applications at various times of the day as well as on specific days or over various terminal lines.

Other than the timekpr developer promising he may or may not have time to continue development there is no such application afaik.

But from my own experience I know now that we can do well (better even?

) without but it then needs smart kids and smart parents.= 11.10 read the Bottom page notice : Yes all of those programs are out of date and all your questions are answered here and good look with your parent control.....

When we talk about forcing a user to log off, what we’re really talking about is implementing time restrictions on the account for system access or services.

Access to our computer (not only to the internet) needs to be restricted for the accounts of my kids (7, 8) until they are old enough to manage this by themselves.

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When using The first field — services — is a logic list of PAM service names.

The second field — tty — is a logic list of terminal names.

The third field — users — is a logic list of users or a netgroup of users.

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