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(For reference, fire names are often determined by their proximity to certain landmarks; this... But, “intimidated” doesn’t even come close to describing what I felt when I first met him.“Petrified” gets a little closer, but even that might not even be strong enough to describe the anxiety and sheer terror I felt.

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Today, I’m the digital media coordinator for the Washington Emergency Management Division, responsible for overseeing our social media team responding to the notional threats presented to us during Cascadia Rising. The name Topanga may be familiar to some who grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s thanks to a famous television show.

For others, it may be familiar for a less nostalgic and much more personal way.

This weekend, a fire ignited near a stretch of Old Topanga Canyon Road in Calabasas, California.

And, best of all, it meant my birthday—my favorite day of the year—was coming.

There were so many things to love about summertime up north.

If you’ve never been (that’s a real shame to be perfectly honest), it looks almost like a Norman Rockwell painting. Right now there’s a lot going on and it would seem that right now we’re even busier than normal. These grants do a multitude of things: So far this year we’ve issued 14 of these grants to states, helping to combat what has already been and may continue to be a very active wildfire season. Note: We are live-blogging a drill (internally called #Cascadia Rising) taking place across all levels of government.We’ve got our fingers on the pulse of several different things: First, we’re working to help firefighters out west battle several fires by issuing them fire management assistance grants. This post will be updated during the week with activities that are taking place in response to the drill.PM Eastern Daylight Time, June 10, 2016: I lived and worked in Grays Harbor for about a decade, working for print newspapers.In my steady-state role as an analyst at Headquarters in DC, I analyze data to inform programs that can help citizens prepare for disasters. It's also disgustingly warm and frankly quite gross--especially when it's the kind of heat that coats your skin with an insufferable layer of moisture as soon as you step outside.My field disaster title is Disaster Recovery Center Manager, where I manage the team that is responsible for assisting survivors by providing face-to-face customer service. This weekend, that kind of heat is going to blanket much of the country.Last month I gladly accepted my deployment to South Carolina to live the agency’s motto “every employee is an emergency manager,” so I replaced the suits and ties I normally wear with polo shirts and cargo pants and headed south. According to its website, the Angeles National Forest offers "natural environments, spectacular scenery, developed campgrounds and picnic areas, swimming, fishing, skiing, and the solitude of quiet wilderness areas." Not cited on that webpage, it also provides a scenic background for one of the most hustling and bustling cities in the country: Los Angeles, California. Here are today’s forecasted high temps: And Saturday's: And Sunday's: When the National Weather Service talks about this kind of stifling heat, they use several words and terms that might cause some confusion: heat advisory, heat index, excessive heat...This weekend, this serene, picturesque forest became home to an incredibly active, dangerous blaze known as the Sand Fire. I’d been warned before meeting him that he might be intimidating.

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