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She gives Wendy her apology of all the good things she found in the story.Turns out, the story was about Wendy’s own marriage, which has no romance or passion.That’s why she took it to heart when she read Jane’s comments.

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A week earlier she told Abuela that she was moving in with Rogelio, and Abuela was totally fine with it. She thought Xiomara was kidding about them moving in together.

They get into a heated argument, with Jane trying to be the calm in the middle of the storm.

Abuela storms off after telling Xiomara that she’ll come crawling back after one month.

The next morning Jane makes it a point to make things better with everyone.

Tony Vaughn, executive vice-president of exploration and production at Devon Energy Corp., has been named chief operating officer.

Vaughn joined Devon in 1999 after working for Kerr-Mc Gee Corp. The move is part of a management shuffle that includes the retirement of Darryl Smette, executive vice-president of marketing, facilities, pipeline, and supply chain.At Smette’s retirement, Sue Alberti, senior vice-president of marketing, will oversee supply chain and evaluation and planning organizations.Tracy Carter, vice-president, will continue to oversee facilities and pipeline functions.After the workshop, Amanda asks Jane if she’d like to share her work next session. Amanda makes reference that the problem isn’t where you think it is, it’s further back.Which, of course is a reference to Jane’s personal life as well. They finally get into a conversation over their relationship and Jane tells him to stop putting it all on her.David Bisbal arrives at the Marbella for a few seconds to say he’ll be back after attending Calle Ocho. She tells Rafael that he is impulsive, and they were finally getting to know each other and enjoy their relationship.

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