Datingancient customs jewish wedding

Jewish wedding tradition terms: Before the wedding One of ancient Jewish wedding traditions is that the Chattan (groom) will not meet the Kallah (bride) from a week preceding the wedding.The reason for this Jewish wedding custom is that the Chattan and Kallah should have a fresh new feeling of love for each other.

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Datingancient customs jewish wedding

The Kallah will sit on a throne and greet her guests. There is a Jewish wedding tradition for the mother of the Chattan and the Kallah to break a plate by the Kabbalat Panim.

The reason for this Jewish marriage custom is to show the seriousness of the commitment.

Just like a broken plate can't be fully repaired, - a broken relationship can't be fully repaired.

Badeken The chatan will dress a Kittel, a traditional white robe.

The Kittel also worn on Yom Kippur, and a after a persons death he is buried with it. The Chatan will then go to the Kallah (the Ashkenazi Jewish wedding tradition is that the Chatan is accompanied by his family) and put a veil on her face.

The kallah will wear the veil till after the chupah.The veil is reminiscent of Rebecca (Rivka) covering her face before marrying Issac (Yitzchok, Genesis, 29).Before describing the ancient Jewish wedding traditions, it will be helpful to get familiar with the terms.You for sure wonder how an Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremony looks like.You might be curious why the chatan (groom) breaks a glass by a Jewish orthodox wedding under the Chuppah? There are many more Jewish wedding customs, like reading the Ketubah (what's that?) wearing a Kittel (getting even more interesting...) and a Tallit (Prayer shawl).

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