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Now all we had to do was ‘enrich’ the associated Contacts in CRM.The supported option for data enrichment is to export the records from CRM you wish to update and then use the import wizard to reimport them.

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In this case, as it was unused in the solution, I used the Opportunity entity.

I used the topic field of the Opportunity to hold the email address and mapped the Customer using the ID (mapping to the correct Contact using the ID is done like this).

On top of this I created a workflow which, on the creation of an Opportunity, went to the parent record and updated the Contact email address with the value in the Opportunity’s topic field.

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Read three of my articles and if something is of interest, read more, otherwise check out some of the other excellent CRM blogs at https://community.dynamics.com/product/crm/b/I recently had a problem with a data import.

The data had imported fine but a few hundred contacts were not imported with their email addresses (the client had forgotten to update the source data).

The client had an Excel list of email addresses and ID numbers (not the GUIDs but unique integers which were imported and matchable) to identify the correct Contact in the database.

It is possible to increase this limit but, in this case, we were on a deadline and the bureaucracy meant I was motivated to find another way, ideally codeless.

I could have used a lot of “Contact ID equals ######” linked by a Group OR but, given there were a few hundred records, I did not fancy this option either.

The unsupported option was to make direct update calls to the database but I try to avoid unsupported solutions unless absolutely necessary.

There was no way for the import wizard to update the fields on an existing record (without exporting first) but I could add a child record to the Contact.

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