How long chris brown and rihanna dating

While Rihanna has yet to comment on the backlash surrounding Chris Brown, the duo previously made headlines earlier this month after rumors began suggesting that Brown is jealous over Rihanna and Travis Scott’s rumored relationship.Despite the claims, a source close to Brown explains to that Brown has no problem with whomever Rihanna chooses to date, noting that the duo have moved on with their lives since calling off their relationship two years ago.

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March 2012 - March 2012Chris Brown and Rihanna were rumored to be rekindling their romance in early 2012.

They tweeted to each other and joined forces musically, but there was never any concrete evidence of a romantic relationship.

Chris Brown and Rihanna have been at the center of dating rumors since ending their on-again, off-again relationship in 2013, but it appears Brown is shutting down the rumor mill once and for all.

Brown took to Instagram on September 27 to respond to a fan who insinuated that Chris was gushing over Rihanna’s Rock In Rio performance on Saturday. ” in the early hours of September 27, leading some fans to believe that Chris Brown may be admiring Rihanna’s incredible hit-filled performance in Rio de Janeiro. FIRE,” one fan wrote in response to Brown’s tweet, prompting Breezy to slam the fan’s response with a not-so-subtle message to those fueling the dating rumors between Brown and Rihanna.

“Wasn’t talking about Rihanna when I said ‘WOW’ y’all be so thirsty,” Brown wrote on Instagram in a screengrab captured by the.

Chris Brown later added, “Yall live in an imaginary world.

It’s not happening.” The news comes on the heels of reports that suggest Chris Brown may not be able to tour in Australia due to his history of domestic violence, namely his 2009 attack on then-girlfriend Rihanna just prior to the Grammy Awards.

reports that Brown now has 28 days to present evidence to immigration officials proving why he should be given a visa to tour in the country after being previously denied entry into Canada, UK, and New Zealand.

The insider also shuts down reports that suggest Brown is trying to interfere with Rihanna’s dating life in the hopes of reuniting with her in the future, explaining that both Rihanna and Brown have no interest in getting back together at this time.

“People should just let these two get on with their lives and stop trying to always link them in every situation because they are both doing their thing and are both living their separate lives,” the source concludes.

Similarly, Brown echoed his source’s sentiments in an interview with Tim Westwood in August, in which he insisted that he has nothing but love for Rihanna, before explaining that he doesn’t get jealous over seeing her with other guys.

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