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Later that year, he received national attention when fan Jeff Weise frequented Mars' website and forum before killing nine people.Mars has stated on his website there was no link to Jeff whatsoever other than the suspect being a rabid fan of his music.

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In 1998 he released his first unofficial project S. The incident was published in several notable hip-hop blogs as well as Bay Area newspapers allowing Mad Insanity Records to gain a regional buzz.

Topics included rape, suicide, murder, and abortion.

In 2001 Mars signed with Black Market Records and helped found Rest In Peace Records with Rod and Anthony Singleton.

There is a European fireman hiding in the waiting room. Many, many different sounds are used over and over and over... And unlike Stock Footage, which is usually isolated to one show, these sounds span multiple shows, and even cross into other media, such as video games.

Major Bloodnok: Well, tell him to wait in the hiding room while I paste these photographs into my hat. so much so, in fact, that many people can recognize the sound in question. This is because it's cheaper to use Stock Effects, which are copyright-cleared and available for many studios on a collection of recordings, rather than pay a Foley artist to produce every sound effect.

However, you wouldn't know it from watching television. Mario Delgado (born April 18, 1980), better known by his stage name Mars, is a Mexican American rapper, entrepreneur, record producer, photographer, and actor from the San Francisco Bay Area city of Pittsburg, California Delgado began his rap career in 1997 with childhood friend J RZ who formed Mad Insanity Records to release their basement style tapes to a circle of friends locally. The tape is now considered a collectors item by fans.That same years Mars helped sign horrorcore pioneer Ganxsta NIP and released the Houston, Texas artist's album The Return Of The Psychopath in stores nationwide and headed the publicity and marketing as project manager for the album.When Black Market CEO Cedric Singleton observed the success Mars achieved with the project management of Ganxsta NIP, he was assigned to oversee the latest album from convicted cannibal rap artist Big Lurch entitled "All Bad".The Rest In Peace moniker was short lived due in part for Mars requesting his release from the label to push his own brand Mad Insanity Records.2005 Mars released his debut album Mars Attacks with online stores selling out of copies its first day, two weeks before his release date on pre-orders alone.

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