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Lisa Ann Russell was born in Sterling, Illinois on March 21st 1972, later moving to Chicago, Michigan and then to California where she became a model for Revlon and went to college.

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See more » I talk about with my ex-fiancée how I enjoyed and used to go see movies and know there would be some good ones in the mix of what I saw at the theaters but for one and a half years it has been horrid but luckily while sitting at home late at night I caught much of the latter half of this movie.

It is definitely worth a rental for someone and what is even better is that if there is some sort of special edition with Jeff Proebst talking about the movie he made well that would definitely be interesting.

I wish the guy would show some guts and dump the money maker that is Survivor ,which is now only interesting if you are on the show, and make another movie.

See full summary » When his father dies, Jeffrey (Ryan Reynolds) is sent to live with his aunt Charlotte (Glenne Headly) in Canada.

Once there he leads his aunt and his friends in staging a non-violent hunger...

See full summary » Living in Greenwich Village, Tepper is a pretty stand-up kind of guy.

As a stand-up guy, he helps his elderly neighbor, Mrs. He also keeps the vow with his poker playing friends Fish, Bolan and Quigley that they will not check the winning numbers against the Big 3 Lotto tickets they ante in their "last man standing" five card draw poker games, "the last man standing" taking the entire pot of tickets.

Being a stand-up guy is one of the reasons why his girlfriend Carla loves him.

On the night that he plans to propose to Carla, but not before the regular poker night at his apartment, he finds a wallet on the street with no money and little identification in it, let alone no photo ID, but he still goes to whatever measures he can to locate the wallet's owner, who, according to the sole piece of ID, is a fireman named Avery Phillips.

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