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Scientists found that even between pairs of twins, a sibling who was a better reader would go on to have higher intelligence.However, pinpointing the cause of the difference reading ability between twins was almost impossible, the researchers found Because identical twins share all of their genes and grow up in the same home, researchers were able to set aside genetic and environmental factors - and accurately isolate the statistical impact of the children’s reading ability on their general intelligence.‘This technique meant we could accurately test to see if one twin was a little bit better than the other at reading, would that reading advantage impact their general intelligence?

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Gratefully, helpful P2P users like '' and other longtime supporters of have built up methods of identifying false torrents and avoiding them.

Below are 10 strong suggestions on how to spot fake torrent movie and music files.

This list is changing, and will update regularly with changes in torrent swarming technology.

Related: Submit your own suggestions on how to spot fake torrents Related: Always use a reliable antivirus product like Avira For the most part, true movie files are either (audio video interleave) or (Matroska files) format.

Conversely, the great majority of and files are fake.

While there are some authentic examples, most and files will link to other sites to get paid codecs or malware downloads.

Sites like Kickass and Torrentbox will actually employ a committee of core users to confirm and 'verify' torrents.

While these verified files are small in number, they are very likely true torrents that can be trusted.

Keep your Avira antivirus updated and active, and 'verified' files should be safe to download.

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