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Ok, our dear master.seems to be back from the dead, which means that I can punish it some more and upload stuff to it again.2.5.46 merges some more stuff (yeah, I still have stuff in my mailbox, but I'm calmer now that I don't forsee any more huge issues), and is pretty much all over the map.

o [ARM] Only decend into mach-* if $(MACHINE) is defined o [ARM] Fix up some ARM PCI handling o [ARM] Make ARMv5 architecture select ARMv4 rather than ARMv3 IO o [ARM] Miscellaneous fixes o [ARM] Re-work L1 pagetable bit handling o [ARM] Replace __backtrace() with dump_stack() o [ARM] 2.5.45 updates o [SERIAL] Rename uart_event() to uart_write_wakeup() uart_event() only has one purpose, which is to wake up any pending writers via the line discipline.

Rename it to reflect its real functionality, and drop EVT_WRITE_WAKEUP.

o [SERIAL] Remove struct pci_board from init_fn Traditionally, we allocated the private array of port parameters based on the detected board-num_ports, and then called the init_fn with the board pointer (which points into the global table.) Some init_fn implementations modify num_ports, which therefore affects the global table.

o Fix compile warning in slab.c Luca Barbieri : o Initialize hw broadcast so that BNEP multicast filter can be properly initialized.

o Cleanup Bluetooth kernel messages o Bluetooth HCI UART driver fixes o Improved support for /proc/bluetooth Manfred Spraul : o HPUX emulation updates o Allocate a personality for HPUX o drivers/parisc o binfmt_som o fix rd.c compilation o PA-RISC updates o parport_gsc o remove *_segments() dummy functions from all other architectures Patrick Mochel : o driver model: convert devices to use kobjects and sysfs o driver model: convert bus drivers to use kobjects and sysfs o driver model: convert drivers to use kobject and sysfs o driver model: convert device classes to use struct kobject and sysfs o driver model: convert interfaces to use kobject and sysfs o driver model: remove remaining driverfs glue o convert block devices and partitions to use kobject & sysfs o convert do_mounts.c to use sysfs instead of driverfs o create firmware subsystem and register it on startup o acpi: convert to use kobjects and sysfs o make sure block device_init() is called before part_init() o driver model: remove few remaining references to driverfs o convert edd to use kobjects and sysfs o driverfs: die die die o turn off kobject debugging by default o kobject: don't create directory for kobject/subsystem if name is NULL Richard Henderson : o Fix fallout from oprofile patches o Save and restore CIA window configuration data o New file to debug clobbers of "current" o Fix up Alpha for initramfs changes o Misc Alpha compilation fixes o Don't clear pcb.unique if CLONE_SETTLS is not set o Fill in siginfo_t o Update clone syscall for TID and TLS arguments Robert Love : o [ARM] Fix init section naming 2.5.44 changed init to text (and other similar section names).

This cset fixes the ARM parts to work with the new names.

o [ARM] Fix ARM IRQ probe code o [ARM] Fix another usage of the now defunct 'tick' o [ARM] Add kallsyms support for ARM This cset adds support for kallsyms for the ARM kernel, and ensures that we have a reliable function prolog for backtracing.

It's been empty for a while now, and nothing uses it.

o Set command length for the START_STOP command o Missed , where the commands themselves already are.

o Fix mbcache config dependency: if either EXT2 or EXT3 is compiled-in, mbcache should be too.

o Make presense of old/style EH routines cause warnings, not a compile failure.

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