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The 38-year old actress is famous for posting hot & sexy pictures on social media.

Apparently, her act is giving her limelight and wide fan base.

and taking a drag she says...“Kya koi bhi Maa ghar mei bachchon ko pyaar karti hai to Maa ko ashleel bologe?

Stylish Poonam Jhaweri Poonam also did a dubsmash of Radhe Maa in which she is seen with a cigarette in one hand and booze in another...

New Delhi: Poonam Jhawer, who played the character of ‘Radhe Maa' in Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Oh My God', is trying her very best to be in the limelight nowadays.

The item girl, who began her B-town career with Mohra, was recently in news because of her brother's murder too.

The lady was said to have solved the case single-handedly without the help from the cops.

After this the expose of self-styled godwoman Radhe Maa brought her to limelight again, as people connected with her through the role she played in the movie. Not with her acting skills, but some smoking hot pictures.

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