Put income on dating site

Now I haven’t included this info in my profile and the reasons are twofold: Firstly, I make a good living out of gambling and I have had interest from women in the past because they assume I make a lot of money.Now I dare not tarnish all women with the same brush but as a general rule a large income makes me more attractive and more importantly, attracts the exact sort of woman that I would not like to be around.

Another is (particularly for men) whether or not to play the income card online. When a man states – or suggests through indirect means – that he earns a good income, he will attract more women. I’ve coached many high earning men and always suggest they decline to post their income bracket for these very reasons.

(Yes, that was a totally unintended gambling pun, by the way. And yet another issue is how to phrase things in a profile that will attract the right kind of people. Then there’s the issue of what to say in the profile versus reveal later.

In general, you want to reveal anything that will make your kind of women want to meet you, but nothing that will scare them away or attract the wrong kind of women.

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Regards, John Hi John, I’m glad you like the blog and thanks for being part of it all.

You’ve brought up an interesting topic that addresses several different points. But it makes it difficult to separate the ones who do from those who don’t.

One is how much to say in an online dating profile, versus what to save for later (when you know someone better). I think you’re right on track in avoiding the income issue, especially if you already know it attracts the wrong kind of woman for you.

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