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Stop going on movie dates and start communicating with your significant other!In his newest book, The Kosher Sutra, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach tackles marital boredom and how to keep your love life on the front burner.My friend's child was recently killed in a drive-by shooting (he was an innocent bystander) and she is so angry at God for taking him away.

People sometimes say they can't believe in God because the world is so full of suffering.

But I have found that people who say that are rarely involved in working to alleviate the world's suffering.

Those who are involved in healing the world's suffering rarely talk like that.

I've seen much suffering, and it seems to me that the key is "attitude." How people deal with it depends on what attitude they have.

I have seen people whose attitude was of anger or hurt to such an extent that they never got beyond a particular event - which then became the defining moment of their lives.

In a certain sense, life stopped at that particular moment.On the other hand, I've seen people go through the most horrendous things, but their attitude was a positive one of believing in an ultimate good, of asking how I can learn and grow from this.It is incredible to see the inspiration they gave to others, and how they moved on with their lives. Living with the concept of a good God is so much more uplifting and gives a person the ability to remain joyful and hopeful, and have the strength to go on and fight.Some people who have suffered tragedies have found a degree of solace by setting up a fund or organization to help others, in memory of the departed one.This enables them to channel some of the great emotion into an area that offers a degree of comfort.See for example, the response of Seth and Shari Mandell to the brutal murder of their son.

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