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soon they will own you for your lack of self control. These are children - they will also act like children, and also have parts that resemble an adult's, but still ,they're little dumb kids.Anonymous: @Terrorist Lolicon: Have you paid ANY attention to world events in the last ten years? It's NOT just about the Jews taking over Palestine (to flee genocide).

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If Islam did take over the World we would instantly return to the dark ages of the seventh century. Humanity's learned too much to give up modernity in favor of a STUPID religion like Islam. The richest Muslim countries like, Saudi Arabia, have some technology only because they have oil money to buy it. Or, this one takes the cake, "Moxie Crimefighter", daughter of Penn Jillette, which disappointed me a bit because I like Penn & Teller.

The Muslim world, can't do the science that is required to build a technologically.. Without the oil, they'd still be riding camels and living in Terrorist Lolicon: when you say "education, progress and technology," you should say dehumanization, exploitation and the ability to produce (and sell, of course) weapons that have the ability to destroy the earth 10 times! Or this one, the actor Rob Morrow's kid "Tu" Morrow.

(and for those who do not remember, we just have one Earth! And this one is on par with Jillette's, Jermaine Jackson's kid, "Jermajesty".

Anonymous: These Muslem girls at least made a decent looking rocket with a tube, plastic bottle, paint and paper.

Ever notice how the Muslem world can't produce anything.

They buy ALL that they have from the rest of the World. That's because it takes education, technology, and science to make an advanced, modern, progressive culture.Anonymous: ^ Education, technology, and science are all things that Islam is opposed to.In a reality like this, I admire those who act against oppression without abandoning the faith and morality, even if his actions are extreme and violent. Because for me it is not moral that a people be forced to live on crumbs, while world powers are entertained with his "war games".Because I'm not here supporting Al-Qaeda or the Taliban, but reaffirming that is MORAL when a people fight for freedom and justice, even when they act in an extreme way, BECAUSE THIS IS A EXTREME WAR!Terrorist Lolicon: You are losing faith because your people embraced a social system that creates selfish and frustrated people.It's very simple to understand THAT ISN'T OUR FAULT that your people are losing faith.

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