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Today, the deranged lunatic keeps herself in shape contacting other assorted call girls and giving them a lesson in bondage and fake gore.

She confesses to him that she had enjoyed the rape and it had aroused her to have sex with him after a long period of marital ... Stay away from this address, where a psychotic woman has killed her husband, caught in the act together with a prostitute.

A pitiable ultra-pathetic Italian commissioner investigates, whilst a coroner cuts plastic bodies in a sort of a garage dispatched for a morgue.

In the effort to emulate his "spiritual master", Jess Franco, Andreas has recruited him in the cast together with his lovely wife Lina.

It's useless Andreas, you're not the heir of Jess, rather just a copycat !

Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5ft 6in Breast Size: 34DD Typical Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue Tattoos: Feather on right shoulder; Arabic script meaning Looted Love on inside right upper arm; Script Alexandria on inside left upper arm; unknown on lower back; unknown on outside right calf Implants: Yes Submit/Correct Star Bio Isabella Rossa was a pornographic actress from 2003 to 2013. Prior to her career as an adult film star, she graduated from college and worked as an advertising model. Though she never formally retired, she has not appeared in a film since 2013.

Venice is the unaware background for this dreadful, unwatchable video garbage, directed (if "direction" is a word I can use) by Andreas Bethmann, alias the leader of German DVD distribution X Rated.

The video (I can't call "film" what's shot with a camcorder), based on a non-existent screenplay, is full of boring, gratuitous hardcore sex, awful SPFX, ludicrous dialogues.

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