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Perceiving risk in a dangerous world: associations between life experiences and risk perceptions.

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Inter-firm job mobility and occupational transitions in Spain: are they related?

Environmental characteristics associated with alcohol intoxication among patrons in Brazilian nightclubs Drug and Alcohol Review 33 (4), 358-366.

Medicare spending, managed care and pre-Medicare insurance coverage and associated risks of mortality, deterioration of self-rated health and mental health after four years of Medicare coverage.

Additive effects of social and non-social attention during infancy relate to later autism spectrum disorder.

Effect of organisational change type and frequency on long-term sickness absence in hospitals.

Qd S - Journal of Methodological and Applied Statistics 15, 95-110. An IRT-MIMIC model for the analysis of university student careers. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, 1-33. Towards an agile approach to adapting dynamic collaboration support to student needs. Residential segregation, health, and health care: Answering the Latino question. Predictors of school reintegration of black women who previously dropped out of school in the North West province of South Africa. Bedford, R., Pickles, A., Gliga, T., Elsabbagh, M., Charman, T.

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