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have lead and supported a number of initiatives to improve the quality of education in the region.As a result of the above, Higher Education Institutions started looking at ways to improve their internal quality by establishing internal QA system, developing integrated quality management systems, and conducting self-assessment to ensure their readiness for both national and in certain cases for international accreditations.

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Generally accreditation is important to higher education institution as it: Accreditation is inextricably linked to institutional and educational system improvement and quality assurance.

The accreditation process asks institutions and systems to critically evaluate their vision, strategies, priorities, leadership, programs and resources.

The process of earning and maintaining accreditation provides institutions and educational systems with clear and compelling direction for implementing changes to move towards excellence.

Quality is no longer perceived as an institutional internal matter but as one which is of concern to various stakeholders both internally and externally.

The existence of Quality Assurance (QA) system establishes a sense of accountability and clarifies the roles and responsibilities of providers of higher education, local authorities, investors, future employers, students and other delivery partners in ensuring that programs of study and their related support infrastructure are of the highest standards.

It takes into account the method through which students’ learning will be managed and supported and how resources will effectively be deployed to support the institution’s growth and well-being.

Accreditation is a form of external quality assurance process under which services and operations of educational institutions or programs are evaluated by an external body (accrediting agency) to determine if applicable standards are met. As a status, accreditation provides public notification that an institution or program meets standards of quality set forth by an accrediting agency.

The accreditation movement in the Arab region started in the 1990s, where quality has become a core concern and focus to higher education institutions and governments.

Several countries within the region have established national accreditation bodies and standards to oversee higher education and the quality of its offerings.

At a regional level, the establishment of the Arab Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ANQAHE) in 2007 as a network for quality assurance agencies in the Arab Region is another manifestation of the increasing interest of the Arab states in quality assurance in higher education.

In addition several key organizations such as UNESCO, the EU, the World Bank, etc.

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