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Our oldest son Vincent plans to use the barn to store equipment he uses in his business. My husband is still retired and enjoying himself with his hobbies.Not thinking about any moves anywhere at the present. Like most cities Fort Wayne is trying to revitalize things---I sure hope it works.Our three sons live close to home and our daughter has been in Arlington, Virginia for going on three (3) years and has bought a condo so I think she wishes to stay for a while.

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She is a budget analyst for The US Justice Department. Her degree will be in business/finance/accounting, and I have no idea where that might take her.

Sold my condo in downtown Fort Wayne and am buying a house in Sebring, Florida---plan to go there after the class reunion in September for the winter. Im getting too old to drive almost 80 miles a day---did get a speeding ticket this week---bad. Our youngest son, Sean, still works for Vincent, which is not an ideal situation, but thats what he does. Justine has one more semester at Purdue and then it is back in the U. She has been doing her dream list but there are no guarantees.

My husband is not willing to give up the house in the country, but I am trying to convince him he can still have a good time in Florida. (Gee, there ought to be a song.) Bobbie Previous: Still married to the same man for 38 years now. My only respite is that I get away five days a week so he can do whatever he wants. She talked about going to law school, but right now I think she is just a little tired of school in general.

He has pretty much narrowed it down to playing his flute, shooting handguns, spending time with his English bulldog Jasper and thinking about doing repair jobs around the house. We bought some additional ground and a bank barn out behind our house so hopefully this spring he can spend some time out there trying to figure out what to repair next, the only thing is those repairs always end up costing money. September, 2008: Still working at The Journal Gazette in Fort Wayne.

I have been married to Beth Briles (graduated Montpelier High School) for 38 years. I returned to Hartford City and for the past thirty-five years I have worked for a fastener company in Montpelier.

We now live in Naples, Florida (2009) We have two children, Rhonda and Ryan. I have been a supervisor for the past thirty years.Rhonda is married had has two boys - Mitchell, age thirteen, and Micah, age eleven. Beth is a hair stylist and has her own salon in Gas City.The beautiful park is located on the west side of North High Street between Van Cleve and North streets. Fread and the band in action at the ceremony, go to these links:"Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need.I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.Amen." .still live in rural De Kalb county---all three sons live in Auburn and visit occasionally.My daughter lives in Arlington, VA---the view from her pool is the Reagan airport across the river---I can float on my back in the pool and watch planes take off every three minutes.. She just got back from Thailand and Cambodia and was lucky to get out of the country due to political uprisings.

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