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I am married to a rich guy and he cares for me, but for some time has shown no interest in sex.

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My boyfriend had been away for three weeks now and he was supposed to come home today.

I really missed him and I was looking forward to some hot sex with him once he got back, especially because I didn’t get any the whole time he was gone (except masturbating, auto-felatio, and self-anal against a […] I am quite tall, slim, with small but pert boobs and am a brunette with straight, shoulder length hair and considered attractive.

Erik is a government […] My sister and her Italian husband run a small beachside restaurant/pizzeria in Italy.

Last summer she invited me to stay for a few days, adding that a female friend of theirs from Munich would also be there.

I’ve met many of my sister’s girl friends, and while they are all lovely people, none of them […] I was in the bathroom, draining the tank as usual, when another man walked in and stood next to me in the open urinal–which looked more like a pig’s trough with a drain in the center.

I let myself in and microwaved something that had not been particularly appetising to begin with.

Eating without even tasting it, I powered up the laptop to get my evening fix – a private […] Manhattan Apartment In an apartment in Manhattan, Patty and Erik are enjoying a romantic candle light dinner that Patty has prepared.

From the 12th floor they have an excellent view of the city.

Patty and Erik have spent many evenings here enjoying wild sex and gazing at the New York skyline.

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