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It depends entirely on the quality of your internet connection.I have never had a call break up at all, but others with low-speed connections or poor internet providers.If you can’t just get internet without phone in your area, then Skype won’t really benefit you unless you’re making a lot of long distance calls and would just use this to save on long distance.

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There are several, and their severity depends on your situation. For calls in, you have to pay for an additional service, called Skype In, that gives you a phone number.

Calls to that phone number will pop up on your computer like an instant messenger window – you just click answer and you’re good to go.

I originally used an old Bluetooth headset (headphones with a voice mic that connected easily to my computer), then later I started using a webcam for this purpose.

A few days ago, I made an offhand reference to using Skype to nearly eliminate the cost of a land line phone at home.

A surprisingly large number of readers were curious about this and wrote in with interesting questions of all kinds, so I thought I’d walk through what Skype is, how we use it, and why it might work for you in some situations but not in others.

Skype is a service that allows you to use your computer and high-speed internet connection at home to place telephone calls anywhere in the world for a very cheap price.

The plan we’re testing, for example, allows us to make unlimited calls within the United States and Canada (both land line and mobile phones) and an hour’s worth of international calls each month for .95, plus unlimited free calls to anyone with a Skype account and their computer turned on.

The point is you need some sort of microphone to pick up what you’re speaking and speakers or headphones to play it back to you.

Yes, this would mean you’d sit at your computer and carry on a conversation near it without an actual telephone.

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